Cami's Progress

Because we often get asked questions about Cami by so many of our friends and family I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of some of those asked most frequently in order to share the progress she is making along with any ongoing issues.*

How old is Cami? She is 8 years old and in 3rd grade.

What are some things she is learning? She continues to work hard at reading Braille and knows the entire alphabet in Grade 1—or uncontracted Braille. She knows several contractions/words in Grade 2—or contracted Braille—and continues to show improvement in this area. She also works hard at writing using her Braille writer.

This school year she was introduced to something new when she began learning how to do math work with an abacus.

Is she with everyone in a regular classroom? While the goal is for her to remain in a general education/mainstream classroom for as much time as possible, last school year we made the decision to have her pulled out for up to four hours out of each school day in order for her to receive some much needed one-on-one teaching and review over basic knowledge facts.

What can she see? Cami has difficulty in consistently communicating all her thoughts and feelings to us; but, in watching her grow and develop, we have come to several observations:

1.) She can see light(s) and flashlights are her favorite! =)
2.) She can see clearly defined colors, although sometimes may confuse colors close in shade,e.g. dark pink w/red, brown w/purple, etc.
3.) She can see shapes and has even pointed out—much to our surprise—the “red octagon” (stop sign)!
4.) She has difficulty with depth perception—how far or close an object may be located—but this is why she uses a cane to help her navigate her surroundings.
5.)Sometimes her vision appears to fluctuate; at some points, it seems better than at others (which may be due to fatigue).

You can read how she's taught us to see, here.

How is Cami doing? Overall, Cami’s health in general is doing well. Currently we are in the midst of seeking further opinions regarding a variety of things.
Read of Cami's recent diagnosis, here.

What progress has she made and/or is currently making? We are so thankful for how far Cami has come in her eight years of life; to be honest, listing each individual accomplishment would take too long. One thing we have learned is that her progress seems to come in waves; in some cases, taking a step or two forward in one area means taking a step backward in another.

A lot of times, it isn’t until we take a step back ourselves that we are able to see how over a certain period of time she has indeed accomplished many goals (some big and others small),making great progress. We try to just take it one step at a time and we are amazed by all of the hard work and effort she puts forth each and every day!

What are some specific things I can pray about? While there are lots of
good days, at the same time there are also some difficult ones. We ask that you pray for us to have the wisdom, strength, and patience needed to help Cami make continued improvement. Please also pray for strength and understanding for Cami.

We are very thankful for a promise found in God’s Word, one that Cami and I quote together every morning while waiting for the bus:

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Phil.4:13)

We know it is only by His grace and through His strength that she has come so far!

*UPDATED 9/29/12
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