Our Story

Rudy and I met while attending Bible college…

College Days

Upon completion of his undergrad several years earlier, he moved back to his home church and was given the opportunity to teach music and Bible in their academy. After three years of teaching, the Lord directed him back to his alma mater to study in their Master’s program as well as serve on the music faculty teaching piano. It just so happened that I was entering the same college that year as a freshman.

I Married my Piano Teacher

During that first year we got to know each other primarily through our church’s college and career group. Want to know another fun and interesting fact? He was also my piano teacher! 

Eventually, a mutual interest developed between us and we began dating that next year in the fall of 2002. We knew it was the Lord Who had brought us together and that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together serving Him! Rudy proposed to me on the six month anniversary of our first date and we were married six months after that on October 18, 2003.

The Deputation Trail

Rudy was called to the ministry at a fairly young age and after his preparation in college believed God was directing him to be a missionary in his parents’ homeland, Brazil. During our engagement he began the journey of deputation, and immediately after our wedding and honeymoon we jumped right into visiting churches together sharing our burden for the specific Amazon region of Brazil.

We're having a baby!

After we were married, it was our desire to have our first child here in the United States. The Lord saw fit to fulfill that desire when after just a few short months I found out I was expecting a baby. I was due October 15, 2004—just three days before our first wedding anniversary! We were thrilled at this blessing from the Lord and continued on in our deputation travels.

The support was coming in  quickly for which we were thankful. In less than a year the Lord had allowed us to raise over 60% of our needed support! We began putting into place our plans to head for Brazil sooner than we had  anticipated: the goal date for our departure was officially set for January 2005.

The Detour

However, as so often takes place on this journey of life, we hit a major detour!  We had every hope this would be just a minor setback and we would simply continue right back on our journey.
But we had no idea.

A Difficult Decision

During our daughter’s hospitalization Rudy not only continued his responsibilities at our sending church but also traveled to meetings during which time I stayed back in order to continue daily visits to Camelia. After some time, the pressures of this arrangement began to take its toll on both of us. Because we both knew that our first ministry is to each other as a family, Rudy believed the Lord was clearly leading him to discontinue deputation and wait on heading to the mission field of Brazil.

Although it was a
difficult decision for Rudy to make at the time, I remain grateful for a husband who chose to honor the Lord by following Him in making the decision to keep his family his number one ministry and focus.

We are also thankful that upon our decision our sending church, supporting churches, friends, and family were all very supportive and understanding of the decision we made and throughout our journey the Lord has remained faithful in directing our steps.

Rudy is involved in another full-time teaching ministry at our church’s school where he enjoys teaching both music and Bible in addition to directing the church orchestra (amidst a myriad of responsibilities involved in such a ministry), and I'm privileged to be a stay-at-home mom to our three children.  We enjoy serving together in a variety of ways through the music ministry in our church and continue to be ever grateful for how the Lord continues to guide us throughout this journey our life.
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